How often should my pet have an exam and blood work?

For our healthy animal patients, we recommend at a minimum yearly appointments to ensure that your pet is overall healthy. Our younger and older pets need more frequent appointments to address the health concerns that come with that particular age.

Why does my pet need a dental procedure?

Harmful bacteria can enter an animal’s bloodstream through cuts in the mouth or abscessed teeth. These bacteria can cause a serious infection, which may or may not be able to be treated by medicine by the time it is found. Making sure your pet’s teeth and gums are healthy is a great way to prevent this from happening. If your veterinarian suggests a tooth extraction or deep cleaning it is done with the intention of keeping your pet healthy.

What should I do if I notice visible parasites on my pet?

You should first isolate the infected pet from other animals and young children. Next, call All Creatures Animal Care to bring your pet in for proper treatment. Most parasites can be eradicated with a simple dose of medicine.

At what age should I have my pets spayed or neutered?

All Creatures Animal Care does not recommend having your pet undergo sterilization procedures until they are at least 6 months of age. This allows for your pets’ internal organs to mature enough to withstand surgery.

What are heartworms and how can I prevent my pet from getting them?

Heartworms are parasites that are transferred from animal to animal by mosquitoes. Heartworms can be deadly and treatment is not only very intensive but also expensive. The best way to treat heartworms is preventative medicine. All Creatures Animal Care carries several forms of heartworm preventative medicine, which you can pick up at any time.

When is pain management recommended for my pet?

Pets suffering from joint disease, arthritis, cancer and other ailments that come with age all experience pain. Animals however do not show pain so when we do notice they are in pain we can expect that it is a great deal of pain. There are several methods of pain management that we use in treating our patients here at All Creatures Animal Care. Please speak to one of our veterinarians about those options for your pet. Welcomed relief from pain can be right around the corner!