Digital Radiography

Radiographs (X rays) are one of the most important diagnostic tools for any veterinarian. All Creatures Animal Care offers one of the most advanced X ray units available in veterinary medicine with our digital radiography system.

Digital radiography is much improved over traditional films processed with chemicals in dip tanks. With a digital system, the images are clear and precise, meaning fewer retakes are necessary. The digital images can be enhanced with a computer, also meaning fewer retakes for an animal. Fewer retakes means your pet is exposed to fewer X ray exposures and does not go through the stress of additional time on the X ray table. Other advantages of a digital system include the ability to email an X ray image to a specialist in the event more expertise is needed. This means pets can be treated must faster, as images can be viewed quickly by a veterinary radiologist.

The digital X ray system at All Creatures helps Dr. Harper diagnose many common issues ranging from broken bones, to enlarged or abnormal organs. If your pet has an issue requiring an X ray, you can count on the expertise of Dr. Harper and the technology at All Creatures Animal Care for the health of your pet.